“Keri’s work stands out with understated grandeur, glamorous function, and luxurious design. She understands what the client needs and makes it what the client wants.”

Gretchen Schauffler / Artist and Founder of Devine Color

“We wanted to update our kitchen but got completely stuck and overwhelmed with the choices. Keri walked into our house and had several impressive ideas during our first meeting. Ideas we never imagined...and we've lived there 13 years! Not only did Keri provide the direction and vision that we needed, but her whole demeanor is so reassuring and calm. Remodeling is such a hectic time but we never felt frazzled with Keri leading the way. We loved what she did so much that we ended up hiring her to remodel the entire house! Guests can't believe it's the same house and neither can we. It's beautiful!”

Jim Smith and Kelley Lomax
Lake Oswego, OR

“I have been photographing Keri’s projects for the past 7 years. The first project was a shoot for Sunset magazine in the Portland West hills . Keri’s design of the kitchen and bathroom was at the leading edge of innovation and style in her mixture of various materials, colors and finishes. I could tell at that time she had talent above the rest in the Portland area. Over the years shooting for Keri, I have been impressed with her ability to think out of the box in converting classic designs into trend setting application. Her variety of styles also is beneficial to the range of clients she represents. The first few projects had an updated ‘french country’ influence and most recently I photographed a kitchen with a Asian contemporary feel. In my business of Photography residential and commercial architecture since 1981, I can identify true unique talent and Keri definitely is gifted at what she does. She also has a personality and demeanor that is beneficial in working with a variety of clients during the laborious process of a remodel. Overall I highly recommended Keri to any of my friends, family and associates.”

David Papazian Photography, Inc.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Keri Davis on both of our house/kitchen remodel projects. We had such a good experience with her the first time around that we couldn't wait to work with her again! Not only is she an absolutely amazing designer, but she is such a nice person to work with throughout the designing process. Everyone who works with her—contractors, subcontractors, etc.—feels the same way. In fact, our contractor (who first met Keri during our second remodel project) now recommends her to his clients.

Keri has an eye for every little detail, from lighting to color to textures, etc. When contractors would ask where I wanted something or how I wanted something done, my common reply was, ‘ask Keri.’

In addition to designing the project, she makes sure it is DONE RIGHT! She has no fear of graciously telling contractors that something doesn't look right and needs to be redone. I underline gracious because her manner is very respectful and kind in all situations, even if there are major problems with what the contractor has done. She handles every situation in a very professional manner.

I have referred Keri to many friends (who rave about her) and they in turn have referred her to their friends. I think that speaks for itself!!!”

Christy and Scott Thompson
Tualatin, OR

“When we decided to remodel and update our kitchen, we asked Keri to propose what we should do. She first made sure she understood what we wanted and didn't want. From her initial proposal to the addition of all the details needed to complete the kitchen, Keri captured what we wanted in a way that we never would have imagined ourselves. Throughout the project, Keri was a delight to work with. The result is that we love our kitchen! It's highly functional, updated to today's look, very tasteful, and comfortable. We couldn't be more happy!”

Eileen Boerger